Talent, meet opportunity

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We’re powered by more than just coffee.
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Push the edge of impossible

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This is what we do. Every day. Not satisfied with simply what is, we take initial concepts and intentions and push them beyond what’s expected to create actively engaging experiences that stand apart from the competition. If you live on that same line that teeters between impossible and revolutionary, you may just be the one we’re looking for.
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Our Smashing Values

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We are a band of artists, engineers, creators, and mischief-makers that harness the power of play to make things that matter.
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The business of fun
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Forget the tired “work hard, play hard” corporate jargon. Wouldn’t you rather work in an environment that is so enlivening you can’t believe you actually get paid to be there? Thought so, and it might look something like this: buzzing around the office via scooters, the not-so-infrequent tequila Friday, and most importantly, working with the mantra of making things that matter. We also have the best digs in town. Located right next to Pike Place Market, you’ll likely find Smashers wandering around the market grabbing some of the freshest food in Seattle, buying flowers, or jogging along the waterfront. Bonus points, you can’t beat our view.
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Got the chops?
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Associate Technical Director
Smashing Ideas is seeking a driven, thoughtful expert in the Mobile space to join the team as an Associate Technical Director. As a part of Technology leadership within our organization, we’re looking for a strong leader, with both hands-on technical chops, as well as the ability to lead and mentor other developers. The ideal Associate Technical Director will have a passion for creating mobile experiences that change the lives of their users, and the ability to drive mobile strategy within the company. Join us in our quest to push the edge of impossible, and be digital pioneers who make things that matter. Our team includes smart people who appreciate talented, collaborative thought leadership, continuous learning, experimentation, and a lust for creating and implementing cutting edge technologies using agile processes. We welcome those who share these passions to apply.


Maintain a strong command of Mobile Technology, both native and cross-platform
Lead and execute technology strategy for our clients to help them achieve their business goals.
Evaluate, with our technology team, new technologies and external service, system and product providers
Stay current on mobile industry trends, practices and issues, assessing and communicating their potential impact on the business and on our customers
Collaborate with other developers, designers, and strategists to ensure project outcomes align with priorities and direction
Partner with other teams to assure the completion of our projects on time, on budget, and to the delight of our customers.
Mentor other junior developers, and provide project oversight, scoping, and customer interface.

5+ years of software development experience in fast paced environments, with dynamic teams, and with changing priorities.
3+years developing software on mobile platforms, including native iOS, Android, and Unity
In-depth understanding of mobile development workflow, including provisioning, certification, submission and publishing
Strong programming and application architecture skills
A deep-seated curiosity regarding new methods of solving problems, both for our customers, as well as internally.
Ability to forge strong relationships with executive leadership, production management, and design to achieve common goals
Elbow grease, and a strong desire to get your hands dirty (with code)
BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or related discipline.
This is an on-site position at Seattle office. No relocation budget.

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Senior Strategist
As a Senior Strategist at SI, you are a critical component of the cross-functional team responsible for guiding the informed creative, technical, and business decisions about how to achieve a client’s objectives through customer engagement. The Senior Strategist is part scientist, part snake charmer. She unearths and exposes the core insight – the human truth that becomes our north star – and keeps the vision alive and focused through user research, data, and a strong eye on the market and competition. This is NOT a role in marketing and advertising; this position is focused on championing users’ needs and desires throughout product development in order to deliver an experience that speaks directly to what people actually want. Your job is not to sell what’s made – your job is to help make what’s desired.


Job Responsibilities

A Senior Strategist is responsible for leading 4 areas of strategic thinking and experience planning:

  1. Problem Definition & Strategic Approach
  • Collaborate with Engagement Manager and clients to understand and communicate in-depth knowledge of a business environment, including general business processes, target audiences/customer attributes, organizational “pain,” and organizational readiness for implementing connected, engaging solutions
  • Work with Engagement Manager and clients to define and prioritize their business challenges, goals and opportunities. Outline strategic approach for team to achieve objectives.
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how they will be measured. Support the EM in keeping team focused on these KPIs.
  • Provide team and client with additional marketplace, vertical and competitive insights.
  • Drive formulation of insights-based hypotheses for ways to approach a given project.
  1. Customer, Culture, Technology and Context Insights
  • Collaborate with client to identify, understand and communicate existing research
  • Lead gap analysis to understand and recommend additional research (if needed)
  • Recommend and estimate (with +/- 5% accuracy) additional research, workshops, or other “add-on” activities for clients to improve product experience
  • Conduct qualitative, quantitative, market scan and competitive research
  • With EM, deliver business, category and competitive insights to increase the knowledge of the team and expand the revenues of the client base
  • With UX, feed customer behavior insights and design insights into the team
  • Establish desired behavior change goals for target personas
  1. Experience Strategy
  • In partnership with User Experience lead and Engagement Manager lead, delivers insight-based experience map for target archetypes. Works with team using game theory and Motivational UX Principles to map engagement loops etc against business objectives.
  • With UX architect, plan and lead engagement mapping exercise with clients
  • Write strategic creative brief – redefine creative brief if necessary
  • Plan and conduct creative briefing. Provide idea springboards (thought starters) as part of this exercise
  1. Measurement Strategy and Insights
  • Plan data measurement against customer business goals.
  • Efficiently analyze data and make recommendations for product improvements/refinements.



  • Demonstrated experience identifying a core insight that delivered a big idea
  • Experience in a lead, client-facing role for a large customer
  • Ability to present confidently and persuasively to large and small groups of executive-level clients
  • Experience leading multiple forms of customer research – survey, contextual, ethnographic, analytics, as examples
  • Experience crafting insight-driven creative briefs
  • Demonstrated understanding of the key technical and creative elements required to build a successful digital experience
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a room
  • Relentless in consumption of applicable business, consumer and cultural information
  • Collaborative work style, with a bias toward action

Ideal Qualifications: 

  • Certificate or Master’s degree in Human-Centered Design & Engineering
  • Background in Design Strategy, User Experience Research, or related field

*This is an onsite position in our Seattle, WA office. Must be willing to work onsite, or willing to relocate.

**Must be eligible to work in the US. No visa sponsorship available for this role.

***Principals only, please. No recruiter inquiries.

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Associate Strategist
Our mission at Smashing Ideas is to create the most engaging digital experiences possible. As an Associate Strategist at SI, you are a critical component of the cross-functional team responsible for guiding the informed creative, technical and business decisions about how to achieve a client’s objectives through customer engagement. The Associate Strategist supports the Strategy Team in connecting customer, cultural, technological and contextual insights with the business goals of our clients in an effort to create the best possible solution.

Job Responsibilities

Support Senior Strategist in planning, conducting and synthesizing research
Work with Producer to plan research logistics
Actively listen in interviews and take flawless notes
Capture and archive research audio and visuals
Create research reports, summarizing key trends and quotes
Conduct desk research for competitive and comparative analysis
Present findings to internal team
Work with Creative team to produce research stimuli, as needed
Support data scientist in creating daily dashboards of product use for review by team
Manage team content on internal workspace

Undergraduate in Marketing, Business Administration, or Management.
Knowledge of strategic planning process
Experience in conducting research and distilling results
Ability to identify trends in disparate sets of information
Have a bias toward action – you get stuff done.
Collaborative work style
Strong written communication skills
Understanding of digital and mobile products
*This is an onsite position in our Seattle office. Must be willing to work onsite in Seattle, or be open to relocation

**Must be eligible to work in the US. No visa sponsorship available for this role

***Principals only, Please. No recruiter inquiries.

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Front-End Developer
Are you a television junkie with a passion for getting things done while dodging the occasional Nerf dart?   Do you enjoy juggling multiple projects, and are you bored when you’re not?  If so, we want to talk to you!


Smashing Ideas, Inc. is looking for a Front-End Developer to join the team that designs, develops, and supports entertainment sites across the globe for one of our largest clients.  The ideal candidate has solid front-end development skills, with significant knowledge HTML, SCSS, JavaScript and JavaScript MVC(ish) frameworks, and has experience using Drupal to leverage contributed modules, develop custom modules, and integrate with external systems. We are a small team with a large charter, and expect a high amount of initiative and accountability to meet commitments. Having fun is mandatory and a sense of humor is required.



The Front-End Developer shall have knowledge of a variety of concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular language (i.e., SQL, C++, HTML, CGI, CSS, and JavaScript) and be responsible for the following:

  • Working with producers, designers, developers, and QA to build, test, deploy and maintain front-end code for Drupal sites using PHP, HTML, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Work with JavaScript MVC framework.
  • Developing new themes from Photoshop mock-ups and theming specific elements within a Drupal application (i.e. Node/Block/Views)
  • Designing and constructing web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features, theming and other techniques;
  • Maintaining and providing ongoing design of the sites as needed, such as promos, sales support (banners, demos), marketing packages;
  • Working with customers and technology vendors to maximize opportunities in the Company’s web-based presence
  • Diagnosing and correcting problems in the production environment
  • Writing technical specifications and design documentation, including implementation and deployment plans
  • Advocating for innovation and user experience.
  • Working effectively within a team environment–self-managing tasks and time


  • EXPERT skill level in:
    • W3c standards-compliant coding
    • HTML, CSS and cross-browser compatibility
    • JavaScript
    • Ajax
    • jQuery
  • Working knowledge of PHP and comfortable working with back-end teams for integration
  • Working knowledge of a JavaScript MVC framework
  • 3+ years of professional experience in web development
  • 2+ years of professional experience with Content Management systems
  • Deep understanding of web development best practices
  • Knowledgeable and comfortable working with GIT
  • Strong initiative to proactively collaborate to solve problems
  • Strong English written and verbal communication skills
  • Eligible to work in the United States


  • Professional experience with Drupal, developing high-traffic sites with Drupal, implementing contributed modules such as Views, Panels, Features, and developing custom modules
  • Experience with developing sites for mobile experiences
  • Experience with JIRA and Git Hub
  • Experience working with a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Has built own unique Drupal modules and themes from scratch
  • Experience with JavaScript automated testing

Principals only, please. No recruiters.

This is an on-site position at Seattle office. No relocation budget.

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None fit the bill?
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If none of our open positions are a match, fill out the form and let us know why you’d be a great addition. Psst…details matter, so don’t forget to include your resume.
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