Motivational UX

The art & science of digital behavior.

Motivational UX

The art & science of digital behavior.
There’s an

Engagement crisis

We’ve had a front row seat to the disruption digital has caused in multiple industries. As technology makes our lives easier, it is making life more difficult for brands. Competition is fierce, attention spans are shortening, and new emerging digital technologies are redefining the way brands connect with their consumers.
There are three major behavioral trends causing the greatest impact on digital engagement. While each can have a negative impact on your business if not addressed, they are clear opportunities to harness a trend and leapfrog your competition.


With consumer attention spans hovering around the 8 second mark, and with new technology emerging, like the Apple Watch, that focus on short bursts of 10 second engagement intervals, there has been a deliberate shift to more sporadic and condensed interactions with a company’s brand touch points. While shorter interaction times can create great utility for the end user, a brand’s “soul” can get lost in the simplicity of the experience.


Only about 25% of consumers feel a sense of loyalty to a product or a brand. With digital providing an endless barrage of tools for consumers, the magnitude of choice has created a mindset of a “switching economy”. Brand loyalty is so critical that decreasing the loss brand loyalty by only 5% can result in an increase in profitability by 25 – 125%.


Regardless of industry – entertainment, retail, automotive, toys & games, healthcare, etc. – business is being changed by the Internet of Things. Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be nearly 50 Billion connected products – that’s just a few years away! Yet, today’s IoT products face one of the highest abandonment rates of all consumer goods. Not considering how to get past this novelty cliff has a broader impact than just product abandonment – we believe it creates minimal incentive to purchase future versions.
Source: Gartner, INTEL

The solution to the engagement crisis?

Motivational UX™

Motivational UX™ is a customer-centric approach to innovation that applies decades of multi-disciplinary research in behavioral psychology, user experience, and game design thinking to technology solutions, giving you a strategic edge over your competition.

Motivational UX™

User Experience

Successfully meet the needs of your customer's decision journey through the adherence of research and design.

Game Design Thinking

Create satisfying experiences that utilize the power of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to achieve short and long-term engagement.

Human Behavior

Trigger moments that are innately human in how we experience, and interact, with the world around us.

9 Principles
Our framework for Motivational UX™ draws from these intersecting practice areas and groups them into 9 Principles designed to positively impact digital behavior. Based on your goals and our understanding of your customers’ motivations, different principles are emphasized or de-emphasized to create the best solution.
of Motivational UX™
I want a product to make my own.
Let people showcase their uniqueness.
Challenge & Reward
I want to master a skill.
Let people compete with others and/or themselves.
I want to be empowered in my choice.
Provide easy and simple points of choice.
Engagement Loop
I want to do that again.
Let people build and enhance experiences.
I want a product that works for me.
Create context-aware products.
I want to be amazed.
Create moments of delight and curiosity.
I want a unique experience.
Appeal to our human senses.
I want to be a part of something bigger.
Let people seek connectedness and comparison with others.
Content & Story
I want an emotional connection.
Create narrative to influence, educate and entertain.
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