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The Short of It

In partnership with ULSee, we planned, designed, and built a real-time and dynamic virtual try-on platform based on facial tracking that will revolutionize the eyewear shopping experience.

The Situation

In today’s fast moving world, free time and attention spans are in short supply. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, traditional marketing efforts to draw in customers are not necessarily resulting in increased sales. With online shopping now the norm, how do companies utilize digital in new and engaging ways that will set their business apart, and create a buzz of excitement in an experience that could otherwise be seen as a chore? And, how can retailers allow customers access to vast amounts of inventory without having the physical footprint to carry it in-store?
In a joint partnership with ULSee, a leading facial tracking technology company, we envisioned and built a game-changing smart mirror platform that companies can customize to their niche market, utilize existing 2D assets, and expand their mobile presence to create a never-before-seen augmented reality shopping experience.

Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement, facial tracking software, virtual try-on capabilities, and 2D to 3D imagery conversion creates a near perfect, life-like experience.

The Challenge

We sought to create a virtual reality experience that went beyond gimmick and trend, to be a truly scalable business solution that addressed the increasing pain-points modern retailers face: ratio of in-store inventory vs. cost, utilizing existing assets, appealing to a digitally-savvy demographic, and the paramount need to increase online and in-store sales. With online purchases taking up nearly 10.3% of all retail sales, the ability to shift the eyewear purchase experience that has been almost exclusively a physical, in-store experience to one where customers can maximize their smart phone and tablet to visualize eyewear, regardless of proximity to the physical object is paramount.

Our Approach

We began with conducting people-centric research to form customer archetypes, and from there we went through the experience mapping and story mapping process, which informed the design of a functional prototype for test markets. We met with international eyewear powerhouses to understand their unique business needs and objectives in order to get the right product to market in the most efficient way.
Sixty-six feature points within the facial tracking software allowed for head and facial movement recognition that creates a life-like view for how the product will look, in near-perfect scale, on the consumer. This resulted in the creation of a smart mirror platform, featuring Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement, virtual try-on, and 2D to 3D conversion of inventory imagery. This gives the ability to fit approximately 10,000 virtual frames on a single application, with additional inventory accessed server-side.

The Result

Taking core functionality of the virtual try-on experience, we created an in-store experience that effectively scales individual brick and mortar businesses and drives incremental sales and revenue without the constraints of physical size or location. Customers can virtually try on any pair of eyewear a retailer carries, from the comfort and convenience of their choosing. They can take pictures, share with friends to get social buy-in, even select glasses to be waiting for them to try on in person in the retail location of their choosing. Once the customer arrives at the store, the sales staff will have a fully customized shopping experience at the ready.
Combining core virtual try-on technology with a user-centric design, created for both store representatives and consumers, retailers have the opportunity to deliver a scalable business solution that will effectively support their partners, while giving consumers expanded options, regardless of location. This results in increased consumer-facing retail access points and a hyper-specific shopping experience that caters to the retail, spending, and social habits of the consumer.

“Taking standard 2D images, we were able to create 3D effects that match the roll, yaw, and pitch angle of head poses as customers evaluate their glasses from a multitude of angles.” Paul Liu, ULSee


  • 2015 W3 Awards GOLD winner, Best Use of Mobile Camera
  • 2015 Davey Awards SILVER winner, Mobile – Best Use of Mobile Camera
  • Core technology platform can be applied virtually to any facial “try-on” need: i.e., eyewear, make-up, etc.
  • Immediate connection between businesses and their customers, 24-hours a day
  • Scalable business solution that limits need for costly on-site inventory
  • Creates strong brand loyalty by giving consumers the ultimate in options, regardless of location
  • Use of existing 2D marketing imagery converted to 3D
  • The most realistically looking virtual try-on experience available


  • UX Design
  • Strategy
  • Motivational UX™
  • Application Development
  • Visual/UI Design

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