15 Fun-Filled Facts You Never Knew About SI

We’ve shared a lot with you over the years – our work, our people, our slightly left-of-center culture – but we bet there’s still a lot of quirky facts you don’t know about what makes us…well, us! Here are our 15 fun-filled facts you never knew you wanted to know about SI:

1.  When working on A World of Ice and Fire with THE George R.R. Martin, George lovingly referred to us as f***ing bastards. We wear it as our badge of honor!

2.  Coolest guy in the office, hands down, is Harry Akaki, our Senior Network Administrator. Not only has he appeared in the movies Tron and Blade Runner, but he was a road manager for The Jackson’s Victory Tour (inside scoop: Michael Jackson remembered all crew members by name and would thank them personally each night after the show). He also has 14 Gold and Platinum records, and was featured in a front-page article in Billboard magazine.

3.  We’re responsible for Miley Cyrus’s career (you’re welcome!). Well, not really, but we did create her Hannah Montana website for the Disney Channel.

4.  We’re owned by Penguin Random House and Bertelsmann…and you thought your parents were cool.

5.  There’s a little show on Comedy Central called South Park. You might have heard of it. But did you know that we were the first agency to bring re-purposed on-air content to the web? Travel back in time here.

6.  We have 13 certified Scrum Product Owners. Not sure what a Scrum Product Owner is? Here’s the scoop.

7.  Our employees have some of the longest tenures in the industry. Our employee that tops this list is Steve Markey, Senior Producer, who has been with SI nearly 20 years, which in the tech world is calculated like dog years (140 years to be precise!).

8.  Our Director of Production, Lisa Dawson, is a national award-winning Morse Code analyst and Cryptologic Technician, a designation she earned while serving in the Navy. Translation: our production team can’t get away with anything.

9.  We were nominated for a Prime-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television for Disneychannel.com Broadband Video Player. And while most who say it don’t mean it, we sincerely do…it’s truly an honor to be nominated!

10.  Forget collecting stamps or underwater basket weaving, the hobbies of our numerous creative geniuses include world-renowned commercial artists. Case in point, Chad Otis and Charlie Barr who both have an international following, not to mention a few tech billionaires (with a b!) as fans.

11.  We were mobile before mobile was cool. Back in the prehistoric phone age, circa 2006, we were one of the first digital agencies to create both games and utility applications on mobile devices.

12.  Kat Craig, Production Designer, is a classically trained singer, and sports a Michael Jackson quote tattooed on her arm. She’s currently working on an album of original material, which you can get a sneak preview of here.

13.  We’re all about workin’ on our fitness, and not in a sit-and-be-fit type of way. For starters Amber Manuguid, Designer, completed the STP bike race in one day – 200 miles! Matt Murphy, Engagement Manager, just competed in an Iron Man competition, and Chris Hannon, Design Director, is a double black belt. You’ll even catch a hard-core group of enthusiasts running stairs along the waterfront during the lunch hour.

14.  We have the coolest office digs in town. So cool in fact, our space has been featured in several publications like OfficeLovin’ and How Design Magazine showcasing where we spend our 9:00 – 5:00. If you’re in the neighborhood, we’re always up for giving an office tour, scooter optional.

15.  There’s a rumor floating around that our work has been enjoyed by over a billion people, and while we don’t have the statisticians McDonald’s does to back the claim, we can say that we’ve had numerous top 10 apps on iTunes, and our work has been awarded Apple’s App Store Best of 2012 for Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Best of 2014 for Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe. Plus, our trophy wall continues to grow, with 50+ awards and counting.


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