Smashing to Chair the 2018 Design Thinking Conference

We are excited to announce that Smashing will be chairing the 2018 Design Thinking Conference, taking place from April 23rd – 25th, in Austin, TX. This year’s conference will focus on “driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage through human-centered design.” Attendees will be immersed in hands-on workshops, site tours, networking events, and a variety of keynote presentations, led by industry leaders in design thinking, human-centered design, and innovation strategy.

In addition to Smashing’s chair position, our Executive Creative Director, Kevin Wick, will be giving the following keynote presentation in partnership with Mike Kornacki, Director, UX Design, at Johnson Controls.


Is Design Thinking Scalable?

For some the answer is an obvious, resounding “yes”, while others believe each division should remain in its silo and leave it to the creative team to work their design thinking magic. Others may simply argue that a myriad of hurdles can get in the way, making it seem like a never-ending uphill battle to a fantasy destination.

Hear from Kevin Wick and Mike Kornacki as they share their successes, disappointments and beliefs as they address:

  • What an organization with design thinking at scale can look like and how it has impacted their customers
  • If it is scalable, where does change begin?
  • What holds companies back from scaling design thinking?
  • Can you and your team implement this when they are spread all over the world?
  • How can you gain buy-in from the right people?


If you will be in attendance at the conference and want to meet up to talk shop, or if you’re interesting in learning how design thinking can accelerate your business, drop us a line.

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