A Smashing Take on Service Design

Modern consumers are empowered by the amount of choice available in the market. This requires brands to not only create products that sell, but also provide an engaging experience from introduction to execution. Too many products fail to consider the entirety of the consumer’s experience. That’s why we have a Smashing take on Service Design.

Service Design is our digital product design and development agency’s platform for improving customer interactions, reducing costs and risks, or developing new lines of revenue. Smashing Idea’s Service Design pulls experience from a variety of fields: customer experience, marketing, and business design to plan and organize people, infrastructure, communication, and materials involved in a service. Service Design isn’t new, but our digital product design and development agency’s approach has redefined and renewed it by highlighting its assets and merging them with our process of product design. Our digital product design and development agency helps clients ensure the success of their products and services on an organic, experiential level — not simply one of viability.

Whether you are new to Service Design, or just want to see how it could impact the health of your business, here are the top four reasons our digital product design and development agency believes Service Design is the holistic business approach you need to know about:

  1. Create new revenue channels. Our digital product design and development agency’s take on Service Design explores all existing services associated with a product. Service Design examines all existing and potential services associated with a product. Through the examination of this service ecosystem, we identify areas of revenue expansion or reduced costs within the experience, and often, entirely new products or services.
  2. Decrease customer service costs. Service Design harnesses the powerful knowledge of how your customers use your products to foster a reduction in the need for support, giving companies the ability to redirect resources to more profitable efforts.
  3.  Improve brand loyalty. When our digital product design and development agency’s holistic Service Design is applied it generates positive customer engagement across the entire experience. This results in improved word-of-mouth marketing and brand loyalty.
  4. Leapfrog the competition. Service Design is a long-term, strategic perspective, which positively impacts future development by creating systems that can plug-and-play with new products. This results in an ability to release new products faster, and keeps your team ahead of the innovation curve.

If any of these points sound like familiar challenges, you should start thinking about Service Design. While this process can feel like you are trying to “boil the ocean,” it doesn’t need to end up that way. It is why we offer a Service Design workshop, which helps align your team around the potential opportunities for improvement and set a plan of action into place. We’ll help you navigate the complex customer-world in order to help you and your product leapfrog the competition.

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