Apple WWDC 2014: Good for the Whole Family

It’s not unusual these days to see kids, some as young as 2, playing games, reading books, even actively engaged in the early learning process on their parents’ smart phone or tablet. In fact, many even have their very own smart device. Entire industries of commerce are built upon mobile apps and entertainment for kids. In fact, it’s one of our specialties.

As WWDC 2014 wrapped-up, Apple unveiled a slew of improvements aimed at elevating the development of apps and mobile entertainment geared towards your young ones.

Now families can have one central account to link purchased apps, videos, photos, calendars and more. With one form of payment everyone linked to the account will be able share things like games without having to download separate copies. Consequently, increased value will be placed on the content of free apps to drive commerce.  This shift industry-wide towards free apps will require a push to increase spending on in-app purchases through intrinsic reward systems that motivate the user. Apply the basic principles of motivational design to this scenario and it’s a recipe for success.

But have no fear, this does not mean that kids can spend away on in-app purchases on their parent’s credit card. With the expanded capabilities we will be able to develop new in-app permissions that will require parents to confirm the potential purchase, via notifications sent to their phones. It’s easy, regulated and convenient.

Parents aren’t the only ones whose lives will be made easier. Drastic App Store changes will redefine how apps are both developed and marketed. Seeing is believing and now as part of your development package, we will be able to create a custom trailer that showcases your product, available to view on your iPhone or iPad. Who doesn’t want a commercial highlighting the differentiators your product offers?! Instant engagement leads to greater return.

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