APPNATION 2014: The Collective Discussion

As the premiere event focused on the business side of the app revolution, APPNATION Cross Platform Summit attracts not only developers, but leaders from carriers, platform developers, media, government and commerce to gather for 2 days of insight and discussion in NYC. Our Director of Business Development, Charlie Barr, represented Smashing Ideas and found himself surrounded by more questions than answers:

– There was a strong debate between building native apps vs. mobile web. As the web becomes more compatible for mobile devices, many companies are taking a second look at whether or not they need to build for two or three distinct native platforms, when a similar experience can be had with web. But is this true across all sectors of business? How do mobile web experiences speak to different business motives – does a retail site have the same wants and needs as an entertainment site?

– Wearable technology and the internet of things. The discussion around the internet of things is heating up and how we in the tech industry can add the internet into everyday items beyond the obvious – computers, cell phones, tablets and TVs. How will this transform your home, car, even wearable accessories in the next 5 years? And with such rapid technological advancements how are growing concerns around privacy and security factoring in?

As the 2014 APPNATION conference has come to a close, we here at Smashing Ideas love that these questions are being discussed – they form the framework of how we create responsive design and product development that will transform the way people move through their day-to-day.

Image source: APPNATION NYC





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