AW360 Exclusive: Storytelling Can Be a Powerful Tool in Product Development

AW360, Advertising Week’s portal for industry news, insights, and thought leadership from the advertising, marketing and tech worlds, is featuring Maya King’s latest article: Storytelling Can Be a Powerful Tool When it comes to Product Development – Not Just Movies. Maya, Senior Producer with our Sony Pictures Entertainment team, explores how storytelling is one of the best means of engaging an audience and conveying information in a way that emotionally connects with users.

She walks you through how each team within a product’s development cycle – from Research & Strategy and Design & UX, to Development & QA – play critical roles in the development of product stories.

Stories help teams get out of the minutiae and remember the “why” — specifically that creating a successful product isn’t about what features you build, or what your product can do. It’s about how you can help your users. It’s also about what people can do if they use your product.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

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