Brian Marr to Speak at American Marketing Association’s MarketMix 2018

Brian Marr, Chief Strategy Officer, will be presenting at the 2018 American Marketing Association’s MarketMix conference, taking place on Wednesday, May 9th. MarketMix is ‘the premiere gathering of marketing professionals in the Pacific Northwest.’ MarketMix brings together the Pacific Northwest’s leaders in marketing, advertising, and digital for a day of peer-to-peer education.

Brian, in partnership with Samantha Temple Neukom, Chief Brand Officer at Northbound, will be discussing the necessary mix of components needed to create a success modern brand in the following talk:

What is a Modern Brand?

The word brand can conjure up ideas about logos, typography and big-budget “awareness” campaigns. Modern brands are those that put emphasis on building for users, not just buyers. That means having a brand purpose that is actively drilled into your product development and design, your customer service, and your culture – not just sales and marketing.

During this session we’ll talk about both a brand strategy point of view on how to get clear on your purpose, how to identify purpose gaps in your company that can detract from customer loyalty and evangelism, and how to drive the notion of brand deep down into your product.


Additional information on MarketMix can be found here, and if you’re wanting to talk shop with Brian at MarketMix, drop us a line.

We hope to see you there!


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