CES 2015: It’s All Connected

By Guy Borgford, Director of Business Development

CES 2015…you might have heard the buzz before or perhaps you read the reports from the digital trades like CNET or TechCrunch over the past few days but the word on the street was that the Internet of Things, the connected home, and connectivity everywhere was center stage.

With developments driving interaction and data transfer between people and everyday objects, and this data feeding an evermore information-rich society, we have new means through which to live our lives better.

While many conferences and trade shows struggle to continue on a path to success, CES continues to grow as electronics become embedded throughout every facet of our lives and threaded through the objects we use in our traditionally non-digital lives. Certainly the presence of big auto, home appliances, and enough smart watch options to make your head spin marked this transformative shift, but a few surprises illustrated that digital transformation is making its way into areas of human culture that pose unimaginable possibilities.

Beyond major presence from typically non-digital companies like Lowes and Under Armour, budding startups dotted the conference with propositions ranging from independent production of electricity to connected baby soothers. Along with far too many entries in the smart watch category, 3D printers showed their innovation chops, with one exhibitor flaunting full body scanning capabilities, with the result being the creation of your very own action figure in the likeness of YOU!

One of the darlings of Silicon Valley, Oculus Rift, not only had their own popular presence showcasing their game-changing virtual reality tech, but their tech was featured by the likes of Samsung, with a Galaxy Note driving the impressive and immersive video experience. And then there were robots…oh, the robots…

Without doubt, to a tech nerd CES is a wonderland of innovation and Jetson-like wow, but one has to look at some of these innovations and their intended targets and wonder where the CONSUMER is in the CES formula. Are these innovations really being driven by consumer need in today’s market? Or is a big part of the show just a glimpse into how we might evolve in the years ahead? Only time will tell…while everything else time is telling us is being pumped to the masses on the zillion smart watches flooding the market. And we still have the iWatch to come. Tick tock.

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