Data Science & Analytics

Insights that inform better business decisions

While most of the clients we work with have a corporate analytics platform in place, it often does not meet the needs of product and service design and development – particularly when we are designing and testing connected physical and digital experiences. Smashing evaluates current solutions from a technology and operational standpoint and can recommend alternative solutions when needed. For in-home user tests and product pilots, we’re able to utilize our own platform, Smashing Insights, which provides critical per-user data in real time. This creates better insights, which lead to faster decisions and better products. Post launch, we provide ongoing insights, reporting, and recommendations from data.


  • Capabilities assessment of current analytics
  • Rapid insights from analytics
  • Productive, data-driven culture for decisions and new ideas


  • Data strategy & planning
  • Engagement & behavior analysis
  • Custom dashboards
  • Individual user, real-time data
  • In-home user tests & pilot programs

Are you properly incorporating data science & analytics into your work?