Smashing Ideas @ Digital Hollywood: Wearables, Connected Experiences, and You

Brian Burke, CEO, will be leading The Consumer Warrior – The Insatiable Appetite for Sports, Media, Fitness & Health: From Wearables to Games and TV panel on Tuesday, April 28th, at Digital Hollywood’s 2015 spring conference. Digital Hollywood is the entertainment industry’s leading tech conference, focusing on the ins and outs of digital technology’s ever-evolving integration into the entertainment industry.

The panel will give audiences a look at how wearables and connected experiences are entering our lives and our homes, and what the future may hold for both consumers and specific industries. From health-tech, fitness, and media consumption to the personal and professional adoption of these technologies, the panel will explore a variety of use-cases.

A great line-up of panelists, from a variety of backgrounds and industries, make this the must-attend event at Digital Hollywood!

  • Brian Burke, CEO, Smashing Ideas, Moderator
  • Laura Rumbel, Consumer Experience Enabling Director
  • Dean Sawyer, Co-Founder, CEO, Jointly Health
  • Kirk Dulaney, Executive Director, Strategic Business Development, Sony Electronics
  • Rendell Swart, Director, Strategic Sales and Business Development, Arxan Technologies
  • Kelemen Papp, Executive Director, Mooreland Partners

For more information on the event, panelists, and Digital Hollywood, click here.




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