New Year’s Resolutions: Smashing Style

With the first month of 2015 almost at an end, now is the time when resolutions begin to wobble or simply fade onto next year’s list. But not here! We are excited about what the New Year brings and are committed to making 2015 our most transformative year yet. We sat down with Smashing’s Leadership Team to find out what they resolve for the agency in the year ahead.


Brian Burke, CEO: At Smashing Ideas, our vision is to be Digital Pioneers Who Make Things That Matter. With this inspiration, my resolution is for us to continue to operate with creative passion and excited wonder for what’s next. In practice, we will help our partners envision and build transformative products and experiences that people will truly love. This is no small task, but we will continually push ourselves to realize the opportunity that this evolving digital world offers as the year ahead unfolds.


Victor Allen, CTO: We will continue to bridge the gap between digital and physical through connected experiences by making the most out of the opportunities that the advancement of the Internet of Things, microprocessor platforms, and Bluetooth low-energy affords us. That, and we will conquer the world.


Brian Marr, CSO: We will focus on externalizing the thinking and processes we use internally at Smashing Ideas in a way that is helpful to organizations in the midst of digital transformation. Our approach to planning and building successful digital products and businesses can be adopted by nearly any industry, so my hope is to share it with more companies who need to accelerate their digital practice.


Chad Otis, Executive Creative Director: Fortune favors the bold! I resolve to go for broke and to empower the Creative Team (which really is everyone at SI), to do the same. Technology continues to provide more and more opportunity to be creative, and the audiences we create for are more and more excited about creative solutions – not just tools as solutions to problems, but vibrant, engaging, connected experiences with heart. Let’s give them what they want in 2015!


Lisa Forsyth, Senior Manager, Production: 2015 is all about new and creative ways to inspire creativity and unleash the full potential of myself and my team. Rather than the tired and extremely uninspired “exercise” resolution almost everyone has, I resolve to exercise my brain. Being inspired and continuing to grow in leadership, employee engagement, project management, and technology trends not only keeps me passionate about what I do, but helps me guide my client’s projects to their fullest potential.


Patrick Cousans, Director of Engagement: I will spend at least an hour with every new device in the market. As more and more new devices are introduced to the marketplace, capabilities and nuances increase. We sometimes only find quirks in devices once we’re going through testing. It will be advantageous to be able to speak from personal experience with devices and find opportunities that may be hidden amongst all the brand and marketing confusion.


Charlie Barr, Senior Director, Business Development: We have a history of integrating our proven methodology with that of our clients. As our work with diversified clients that subscribe to processes such as Six Sigma continues to grow, I’m excited to see how our methodology that centers around Motivational UX™, Lean UX, and Agile Development can tie into more traditional-based standards and processes, and vice-versa. One size doesn’t always fit all, so creating a common language that produces the best product is what 2015 is all about.


Drew Erickson, Director of Finance: Smashing Ideas wants to be the best possible partner to our clients. To that end, my New Year’s resolution is to find new ways to lean out our internal processes to maximize our team’s creativity and make Smashing Ideas the easiest agency for our clients to work with. I want to see our team as focused on work that adds value for our clients as possible!

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