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Business Design
Smashing’s consultants help you create new — or revamp existing — digital products, services, and businesses to achieve profitable growth, maximize long-term value for customers and shareholders, and reduce go-to-market risk.
  • Business intelligence
  • Business modeling
  • Digital roadmaps
  • Opportunity sizing
  • Scenario analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Return on Investment (ROI) tracking
Research & Insights
From initial market insights and trends through experience optimization, we unearth the data and recommendations that drive informed decisions and create prolonged user engagement.
  • Baseline & competitive testing
  • Data-driven behavioral archetypes
  • Evidence to support claims
  • Instrumented pilot programs
  • Market segmentation
  • Observation rooms / lab studies
  • Protocols for regulatory compliance
  • User journey mapping
  • UX research (1:1 or at scale)
Experience & Product Design
Designing or refining a highly engaging digital experience requires a unique combination of creativity, science, and luck. Just kidding. Luck has nothing to do with it.
  • Animation
  • AR/VR/MR design
  • Design language systems
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Motion graphics
  • Motivational User Experience™ Design (MUX)
  • Rapid prototyping & proofs of concept
  • Use-case scenarios
  • User flows
  • UX & UI design
  • Visual identity
  • Wireframes
Tech Strategy & Implementation
Design and innovation are only as good as the technical strategies that deliver on them – both in the short and long term. We bring the capabilities and partnerships needed to implement your project at scale with near- and off-shore teams.
  • AI/ML strategy
  • AR/VR/MR development
  • Blockchain strategy
  • Digital customer experience platform strategy & implementation
  • Human-Centered Engineering (HCE)
  • iOS & Android development
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) & mobile site development
  • Web service & API development
Data & Customer Analytics
We work with you to find insights in your data that drives loyalty, while enabling decisive action, product evolution, and evidence-based innovation.
  • Analytics vision & strategy
  • Behavior-based personas
  • Data science
  • Data visualization
  • IOT analytics
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Catalyst Workshops

Sometimes the most challenging part of a project is getting it started. Our workshops are strategically designed to kick-start your project, evolve an existing idea, or to infuse an established experience with new thinking. Below is a selection of the full suite of Catalyst Workshops we offer.
Motivational UX™ Workshop
Motivational UX™ is our proprietary framework to increase engagement, built upon decades of multi-disciplinary research in behavioral psychology, user experience design, and game design thinking. In this interactive workshop, we will build a full roadmap, with action items, around your top 3 identified Motivational UX™ principles and uncover which tactics are needed to create lasting engagement with your audience.
  • Product Managers
  • Designers
  • UX
  • Developers
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Support
  • 90 minutes | 1 day
Innovation Hack-a-Thon
How you innovate determines what you innovate. Our week-long Hack-a-Thon is an immersive workshop that puts your entire team in the lean environment needed to accelerate solution-orientated thinking, rapid growth and learning, cross-functional collaboration, and adaptive planning. You’ll walk away with an identified product direction, developed prototypes, and product testing with real consumers.
  • Development
  • UX
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • 1 week
Experience Mapping
To ensure the effectiveness of your consumer’s experiences, and to help organizations navigate omni-channel complexity, we employ the activity of Experience Mapping – a strategic process of capturing and communicating complex consumer interactions. The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across teams and stakeholders, and provides you with an experience map – the strategic foundation for your digital solution.
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • UX
  • Support
  • Design
  • 4 hours | 1 day
Story Mapping
Story Mapping is a textual visualization of identified user tasks, user goals, and business goals within your product’s features. In this workshop, we will build a roadmap specifically for your product at the development stage that includes a backlog, prioritized user stories and features, and a release plan based on your unique user types and the associated business value.
  • Development
  • 1+ days
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