Forecasting the Future.

We live in a world where we dream big, yet solve business problems. This guiding principle of being both dreamers and problem solvers means we’re rarely satisfied with what is and thrive on imagining, and creating, what will be. With this in mind, we asked a sampling of our collective brain trust to think about how technology impacts their day-to-day and explore the following:

Working in the field of technology and digital innovation means we have strong opinions and an inside scoop on what’s happening with the future of technology. So, if you could advance technology in one particular area of your life, what would it be and why?

Jason Medisky, Senior Animator, Technical Artist, Motion Designer. | I’m excited for augmented reality and virtual reality becoming more accessible, affordable, less clunky, and an experience that can be shared. I could go for a walk on Mars with my son. Baseball umpires could call balls and strikes accordingly. And, maybe, my wife won’t need a pint of Chardonnay to make me look good, but could simply pop in her augmented reality contact lenses and load up the Channing Tatum algorithm.

Jasmine Fears, Designer. | It’s a toss up between placing compact and inexpensive 3D printers in every home that can process plastic, metal and paper recycling, and use those materials to print new household items. In an age of inconvenient truths it is paramount that we focus our creative efforts on technologies that reduce waste. My second advance is a drone coffee delivery service that monitors my sleep and activity levels to deliver me Espresso Vivace Lattes whenever I need them. Because…coffee.

Maya King, Producer. | I’ve been getting excited about the potential of autonomous cars, and the benefits they could bring to traffic flows, safety, and productivity gains while commuting. Especially interesting is the concept of shared self-driving taxis that could reduce up to 90% of cars on the road – saving travel time, cost of car ownership, and the need for as many parking spaces. Since I commute every day and see all the other drivers on the road suffering along with me in traffic, this really feels like an area ripe for innovation.

Drory Ben-Menachem, Creative Director. | Power management. Rumor has it that the Internet of Things will integrate almost every facet of our lives into the digital realm by 2025. All of this integrated technology will have to pull amps from somewhere to work reliably. We’re already seeing the advent of proximity charging for mobile devices, but 5-10 years from now I expect that Nikola Tesla’s dream of transmitting and distributing power (electric or otherwise) safely through the air could be realized. Plus, weartech is on a collision course with biotech. I’m not talking The Matrix or Shadowrun or anything so invasive, but we’re not that far away from low-energy devices being able to harness the body’s natural current to power themselves. The intersection of innovation around battery efficiency, alternative fuel cells, solar-everywhere, and low-energy components will be an interesting space to watch.

Helene Christensen, Producer. | I live far away from my family…Denmark to be precise…so if I could have a real-time 3D hologram transmission from my parents’ dinner table and have them appear in my apartment as if they were really there, that would be quite nice. Plus a hologram dog would be super fun…

Caroline Colón, Executive Producer. | I would advance the connectedness of my devices and my world.  I would love to have my phone screen project onto my bathroom mirror or my countertop as I move from room to room in the morning. It would tell me what time it is and when I need to leave the house (based on the traffic report), remind me as I leave the house that I forgot to pack my lunch (because it’s in an RFID tagged lunchbox in my fridge) and control the music that is playing on speakers in my house and then in my car.  I am a multitasker and I would love to have this help to get more things done with less to remember.  Currently I write lists and set reminders on my phone but it’s all going to get so much easier!

Heidi Schindler, Senior Strategist. | I want a smart fridge-pantry, we could call it a Frint! I want to utilize ‘big brother’ data to my advantage by having it help me with meal planning and clarify my household’s eating habits. The data would help me make smart purchasing decisions at the grocery store, primarily to avoid wasting food and to learn new ways of utilizing the food I love. I want a technology that lets me be more spontaneous at the grocery store by letting me ‘check my cupboards’ so I can pick-up that food sale item and make a meal with it.


So now we ask…what do you want your future to look like?

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