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February 3rd | 11:00AM PST

As creators of high-quality digital experiences, you sit at the intersection of art and science, seeking to shape the way users engage with your products. Understanding how to strategically leverage these two disciplines cannot only help you build better products, but also help you better understand what motivates your users and how you can influence their digital behavior.

In this 1-hour webinar, Chief Strategy Officer Brian Marr and Senior Strategist Heidi Schindler, will walk you through our 9 Principles of Motivational UX that bring together game design thinking, behavioral psychology and user experience to create digital experience that increase engagement, build brand loyalty, and ultimately, give your business a distinct advantage in an over-crowded digital world.

A sampling of what you’ll walk away with:

  • An introduction to Motivational UX™, a customer-centric approach to innovation that applies decades of multi-disciplinary research in behavioral psychology, user experience, and game design thinking to technology solutions.
  • Deep understanding of the 9 Principles of Motivational UX™, with insights and ‘best-of’ industry examples.
  • Uncover the biggest influencers of human behavior that impact digital engagements, retention and ROI.


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