Introducing: Furcaster™ for Apple TV!

We are proud to announce a Smashing Ideas’ exclusive – Furcaster™ for Apple TV, the cutest way to get the weather!

As one of the first native tvOS apps for the new Apple TV, Furcaster™ is a real-time weather application guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you tune-in to check the weather. Furcaster™ pulls the most accurate weather feeds in-market, to share the condition of the hour, the day and the week.

Furcaster™ is guided by Flurry, your adorable forecaster, and is perfect for parents teaching children about the weather, or for grown-ups in search of whimsy and weather-wonder. Furcaster™ also provides ambient backdrops that can run day or night on your television, reflecting real-time weather conditions.

For more details and to learn how to download Furcaster™ for Apple TV, click here!







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