Furcaster in the News – Featured in Little Black Book: Celebrating Creativity

Our favorite little forecaster, Flurry, and the Apple TV exclusive app Furcaster, is being featured in Little Black Book: Celebrating Creativity. Furcaster tells the weather of the hour, day or week, and provides “a constantly unique story to create a bond with users” and is ideal for kids, parents, and anyone looking to inject a healthy dose of cute into their weather routine.

The program, which features mid-century mod-illustration and geometric visuals in a soft color pallet, is an interactive experience that helps kids get dressed appropriately for the days’ weather, empowering them to make decisions while providing parents with functional weather information.

To read the full Little Black Book article click here, and to learn more about Flurry and the world of Furcaster, check out the Apple TV app here.



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