How to Prank Your CEO in the Tech World

An added perk of working at Smashing Ideas is that all employees receive a one-month paid sabbatical once they hit their 10-year mark, on top on their standard vacation time. When our CEO, Brian Burke, was getting ready to return from his month of R&R, the collective SI team decided to welcome him back in a rather unusual manner. As the tech industry is known for its über casual work environment, we decided to forgo the hoodies and Vans, and go into full corporate mode…think accounting firm circa 1995. As Brian walked in, he noticed employee after employee in full corporate gear – suits, ties, french twists, Mr. this and Mrs. that, etc. Gone was the casual vernacular and playful attitude that helps make Smashing’s culture one of the best places to work in Seattle. Motivational posters went up and the full studio operated in corporate mode for the day.





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