Improv your way to a Better Brainstorming Workshop

Free your mind.

Run by Smashing’s top UX and Creative leaders, our Improv For Better Brainstorming Workshop is the most entertaining way to improve your team’s brainstorming skills. Through laughs that land the learning, we’ll guide you through two hours of hilarity where you and your team will learn how the fundamentals of improv can be utilized to foster better collaboration, generate breakthrough ideas, and strengthen innovative and creative thinking for business.

What you’ll walk away with:
• An understanding of improv techniques that break people out of their shell in a fun, easy-going way that even the most introverted introvert will enjoy.
• How to make great ideas inclusive of entire teams, from developers to creative directors and everyone in-between.
• The art of listening and the direct value it provides to productive discussions.
• How to suspend judgment of self and others when brainstorming in order to be fully present and open to ideas.

Ready to sign-up for 2 hours of hilarity?