Kevin Wick Featured in The Drum’s Creative Cities: Seattle

The Drum, a global media platform and the biggest marketing website in Europe, recently rolled out a supplemental feature for their US-based print publication, entitled: Creative Cities, Seattle. The limited edition supplement took a deep look into what makes Seattle a thriving creative and innovation hub. “We dig into Seattle corporate culture and how innovation and forward-thinking has not just shaped massive brands, but the world itself. We also meet the people in Seattle’s creative industry and learn how a misfit culture engenders great work, and the startup scene to understand what makes Seattle’s entrepreneurialism different.” One of those individuals thriving in a misfit culture is our own Kevin Wick, Executive Creative Director. Kevin joins fellow Seattleites to discuss why Seattle is a city of contrasts, what agency life is like in the Emerald City, why Seattle is an important place to live and create, and how Seattle’s growth has impacted its creative nature.


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