Lean Strategy

An Innovative Approach to Business Growth

Smashing disrupts the status quo for traditional management consulting, applying decades of experience in end-to-end digital to our practice and right-sizing strategy for every engagement. We apply a lean methodology to our consulting so we don’t waste valuable time and money analyzing when we could be in-market testing and learning from the end users of our products and services. The result is faster pivots, more ideas tested, and a quicker time to market.


  • Identify and create new business and customer value
  • Set a product/service roadmap and strategy focused on what is possible: now and in the future
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Align (or develop) internal capabilities and processes for success


  • Market research
  • Contextual research
  • Market trends analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business modeling
  • Product/service envisioning

Ready to the impact of a lean strategy approach?