Top 5 Principles of a Lean UX Digital Agency

It’s been said a million times – time is money, and neither do you want to waste. That’s why we take a lean approach in all that we do. As the leading Lean UX digital agency in Seattle, we utilize the practice of bringing the true nature of a product to light faster, in a collaborative, cross-functional way. This reduces the emphasis on thorough documentation, while increasing the focus on building a shared understanding of the actual product experience being designed.

Our digital agency is not based on a rigid process, but rather we approach our work as an ongoing evolution that is guided by the following fundamental principles:

1. Progress over process. | The primary focus of our UX efforts is to enthusiastically push an engaging, innovative solution toward the finish line. A sense of urgency, excitement, and pride of ownership on what we’re making gets a product in market fast.

2. Externalize your work. | We get our ideas out of our heads and on display, to allow everyone to see where the team stands. It inspires new ideas that build off the ones that have already been shared.

3. Making over analysis. | We strive to avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ and go the route of quickly getting something made that people can react to. We generate things before all research is done – acting on assumptions then proving those assumptions with final research later.

4. Continuous discovery. | We believe in the process of engaging the customer during the design and development process. The goal is to understand what the users are doing with your products and why they are doing it. Regular customer conversations provide frequent opportunities for validating new product ideas.

5. Cross-team collaboration. | Cross-functional teams are made up of the various disciplines involved in creating your product. Lean UX demands a high level of collaboration between disciplines and insight on each idea is brought in from all relevant disciplines early in the process.

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