Learn to Quit Featured in Psychiatric News

In partnership with the Dr. Roger Vilardaga and the University of Washington, Smashing Ideas helped plan, design and build a revolutionary smoking cessation application, Learn to Quit, for a drastically underserved population. This application is focused on helping the severely mentally ill successfully quit smoking, who are estimated to smoke 31% of all cigarettes consumed in the United States.

The application uses Acceptance Commitment Therapy, a newer form of behavioral therapy, to guide and coach individuals as they attempt to quit, and is one of the first health-focused applications to go through clinical trials. Learn to Quit is currently being featured in Psychiatric News.

I had seen in a survey that 70 percent of patients with an SMI had some type of mobile device and/or internet capability…it led me to think that a mobile cessation app might offer some help.

– Dr. Roger Vilardaga, Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington

Click here to see this must-read article, and learn about the increasing mergence of digital with traditional healthcare practices!

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