Let Them Eat Turkey.

By Brittany Carlstrom, Marketing Manager

The debate goes – should retailers be open on Thanksgiving to capitalize on early-bird black Friday sales, which account for 40% of retailers’ annual earnings?

In my opinion, the answer is no. Unequivocally, NO. Americans love to shop. Everyone here loves to shop. But not at the risk of losing quality time with our loved ones, or worse, taking those very experiences away from the employees that often have little to no choice but to work on one of our nation’s most beloved holidays.

The world is increasingly losing connection, in the sense of human behavior. But digital connectivity continues to grow, and with that our lives are made easier to many extents – access to wants/needs can be immediate and rapidly available. We are not only advocates of digital connectivity, but creators and early adopters of such experiences. But there’s a line.

Retailers are at the heart and soul of SI. Some of our most long-term and cherished clients are retail based corporations. Our clients depend on the sales from Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend, some of whom are selling products we proudly had an active role in creating. So the question is, can there be a happy medium where human connection isn’t at the expense of the bottom line? YES, thank you digital. By crafting seamless digital experiences that span multiple devices, targeted audience notifications, and tapping brand engagement and loyalty through motivational design, from the comfort of a consumer’s phone/tablet/computer, retailers can give the masses what they crave without interfering with turkey, football and family fights…and still make their earnings.

So imagine this – spend the holiday with loved ones, a day free from work obligations, steeped in what should be the spirit of giving and thanks. Stuff your face, pass out on the couch, and then in a tryptophan-haze, stumble over to your phone that just notified you that the 72 inch plasma you’ve had your eyes on since early October just started its frenzied sale. Two swipes later and it’s yours. No mad rush, no stampede. Let technology work for you, and connect with your costumers, employees and your bottom line. Just on this one special day, do it digitally.

Let them have their turkey and eat it too.


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