Lil’ Flipper: The Cure for the Common Office

Ever have one of those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and nothing seems to go right? You’re late for work, you lose the 8 month battle with the coffee machine, and the person who “claims” to be your boss is still wondering where his TPS report is…

You feel it build.

Your eyes gloss over.

You grip the table, and in a moment it’s done. You flipped.

But wait, there’s relief!

Introducing Lil’ Flipper, the revolutionary flipable miniature table for the moments you get so mad you literally want to flip the table.

Benefits include: the illusion of super-human strength, no splinters, and euphoric sense of righteousness, all while remaining gainfully employed!

Lil’ Flipper: lose your temper, not your job.

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