A Look Back at the 2017 Seattle Interactive Conference

Smashing took to the stage at this year’s Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) with two highly attended and much talked about sessions!


The first of Smashing’s SIC sessions featured Jessica Barnes, Creative Director, and Anna Ho, Associate Director of Strategy. Their talk on Social-Emotional Learning, Self-Empowerment & Flibbertigibbet: How Digital Can Affect Positive Change in Kids, walked the audience through complex behavioral techniques that make a lasting impact on the lives of end-users. As the creative and strategic forces behind the newly launched Mindful Powers application that aims to teach mindfulness to kids, they showcased the intricate details of how to take a skills-based methodology, such as mindfulness or Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and apply practical applications of them within an inclusive and accessible digital experience. So impactful was their topic that the conference organizers asked them to participate in a very select B-Side Q&A Session, in which attendees had a more intimate Q&A with Jessica and Anna.


The second of Smashing’s sessions of the day was So, We Built This Diorama of a Hospital Room. Drory Ben-Menachem, Creative Director, Lulu Xiao, Senior Strategist, and Antonio Holguin, Associate Principal Designer, spoke to a standing-room only crowd on how rapid, small-scale prototypes can demonstrate complex emerging tech. This proof of concept demonstrated how Voice UI can, and will, drastically improve the patient experience, and the team provided the audience with a framework for how agencies can provide a fresh perspective to approaching the design and development of experiences with increasingly smarter devices.





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