HOW Magazine: 100 Designers Everyone Should Know, Featuring Kevin Wick

HOW Magazine, the ‘go-to industry resource for design tips and education, design dialogue, and profiles’ just released their profile report on the 100 Designers Everyone Should Know. We’re elated (albeit, not surprised) to share that Smashing’s Executive Creative Director, Kevin Wick, came in at the 18th spot! As Executive Creative Director, Kevin works with clients and Smashing’s internal teams to define and create digital designs that go beyond usability and usefulness to become experiences that delight and have personal significance in the lives of end-users. Congrats to Kevin and everyone that made the list!

HOW 100: A Listing of 100 of the Most Talented and Influential Creatives Working Today

In small but might design studios, and on big, talented teams; within corporate walls or from the comfort of home studies – wherever you look today, countless creatives are making important contributions to both the design industry and the world at large. Most definitely there are more than 100 of these design heroes – more like thousands upon thousands. But because putting together a list that long would would quite possibly kill your friends at HOW, we’re limiting ourselves to 100 this year.

To see this year’s list of 100 designers and to learn why Kevin made the top 20, click here!

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