Participants Wanted: Mindful Powers User Testing


We are looking for kids, ages 6-10 to help us test our latest app made just for kids.

Play testers will get a sneak preview of Mindful Powers™, a kid-first, holistic approach to building social-emotional learning through the power of play.

Our program is based on mindfulness, the ability to know and understand what is happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it. Kids learn how to calm their minds and focus their attention when they listen to voice guided mindfulness stories and play with their Flibbertigibbet. This is like having a super power when you feel like your brain is overloaded!

 To be eligible to participate your child must:

 –  be 6-10 years old

–  have access to an iPhone or iPad at home

Participation is voluntary and space is limited. Sign-up now to be a part of our exclusive play testing community!


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