Quality, It’s the Name of Our Game

What does it take to get 5 of your apps featured on Apple’s iTunes front-page…on the same day? Hint: it’s not a numbers game. With nearly 1,000,000 apps on iTunes and hundreds of brilliant apps vying daily for Apple’s golden seal of approval there simply is no magic formula for them to take notice. So how did we find ourselves here? We believe one of the answers is quality – consistent quality!

Quality might seem like a given, an unstated standard all professional services strive for. Yet surprising, in today’s rapidly changing digital world, where ever-moving deadlines and technical anomalies run rampant, speed-to-market can often compromise the quality of a product. And the cost of this hits directly to our clients’ bottom-line, and can jeopardize a valued client relationship. Like poor Jack and the fate of the Titanic (we’re still convinced there was plenty of room on that piece of floating debris – looking at you Rose!), a lack of focus and attention to detail can appear like the small tip of an iceberg, yet lurking below is a torrent of faulty links, tricky navigation, and an incessant barrage of error messages. Basically, your app just sunk.

So the question becomes, can you quantify quality and its bearing on position relative to Apple’s ranking? If you look at rating vs. ranking then the answer appears to most definitely be yes. According to a recent study from Appurify, a 4+ star rating is consistent in 75% of the top 1000 apps. The biggest triggers for a reaching a 4+ rating are performance issues (see iceberg). The better your app performs, the more likely users are to give it positive reviews and subsequent gold stars, which fosters greater momentum, moving it higher and higher up the proverbial Apple app chain.

So for an app, and 5 at that, to float to the top of the iTunes Top Apps page it appears we’re doing something right. For Smashing Ideas quality starts at the word go. It’s a process and a mindset. We are our own toughest critic and have become addicted to going above and beyond our clients’ expectations, time and time again. When done right, a prominent product has a cyclical effect for all involved. A quality app with minimal performance issues generates positives reviews, gold stars, and a high ranking. A highly rated app gets noticed by Apple. Apple, in direct competition with Google Play and the Amazon App Store, desire apps that prove their dominion in the industry. Apple therefore selects the best of the bunch (remember those gold stars!). Clients are happy their apps are featured on iTunes. Happy clients come back for more…see what we’re getting at. And it all begins with quality.


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