Web & Mobile Development

Technology meets innovation.

As the capabilities technology offers us continue to expand, so does our expertise. We’re technology agnostic, meaning we approach each challenge with the desire to use the best approach to satisfy your long term needs. From standard mobile or web development, to IoT and integrating sensors into connected products, to BLE and virtual reality platforms, the foundation of our technical capabilities is providing real user value in a scalable and technically sound way.

        • Agile development & continuous integration
        • Sensors: pressure, accelerometers, magnetometers
        • Bluetooth low energy
        • Computer vision
        • Cross-platform (iOS/Android) development in unity using C#
        • Front-end web development
        • Interactive design
        • Large-scale website installations with Django and Drupal using Python and PHP
        • Mobile product development
        • Native iOS development/Objective-C
        • Visual prototypes
        • Functional prototypes
        • Augmented and virtual reality frameworks
        • Android development in Java and C++
        • 3D design
        • C++ based games and applications
        • Cross platform mobile application development in Cocos2dx using C++
        • Flash (and Flex/AIR)
        • Ruby/rails
        • Test driven development and code review
        • Usability testing