New Year’s Resolution? There’s an app for that.

By Guy Borgford, Director of Business Development
Tapping your way to better habits using digital technology.

They say old habits die hard and like the flipping of the calendar, each January reminds many of us how we long to better ourselves in order to live fuller, healthier, and more productive lives. Whether your goal is to eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, or just simply stay hydrated, there are countless products and applications geared to help us stick to our New Year’s resolutions and achieve our personal goals.

Around Smashing Ideas, you often hear the term ‘The Quantified Self.” Boiled down that can mean something as simple as counting daily steps using your smart phone’s pedometer, or counting calories, where simply tracking your activities or consumption patterns brings a heightened sense of awareness and mindfulness that then drives and supports the desired positive behavior.

But successful habit change requires much more than simply counting things – there needs to be embedded extrinsic and intrinsic motivators that power positive feedback loops while informing and encouraging us that no matter how relatively small our achievements, we’re heading in the right direction and making progress. Excellence in any discipline and success in almost any endeavor requires commitment and persistence. A climber doesn’t start out climbing K2 or Everest – it’s a long progressive road of triumphs of increasingly more challenging obstacles that gets them there.

Digital technology has the ability to not only track our successes, but also apply systemic and variable rewards that give us little interactive taps on the back, while illuminating the bigger picture and showing us that each day we stick with our positive habit change, we’re getting closer to our larger lifestyle goals.

Employing our approach to user centered design we call Motivational UXTM, Smashing Ideas takes a deep dive into human psychology, user experience best practices, and game design thinking to uncover key motivators that drive repeat engagement, desired outcomes, and positive habit change. Whether helping people learn how to stop smoking with Learn to Quit, driving optimal healthy eating habits through Haylie Pomoroy’s The Burn, or helping kids create healthy brushing habits with Philip Sonicare For Kids connected tooth brush experience, by carefully unpacking people’s pain points and applying connections into human psychology, we can effectively help people stick to their New Year’s resolutions and live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Got a New Year’s resolution? Now’s the time to check out the App Store and get ready to succeed – there’s an app for that and there’s an app for you!

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