ParentMap: Mindfulness and Mindful Powers

Smashing’s latest SI Labs project, Mindful Powers, continues to make pre-launch news. ParentMap, an online and print ecosystem for Puget Sound-area parents, is diving into the science…and significance… behind the fad of mindfulness and its impact on families and children. With children growing up in the digital age, providing healthy tools early in life that can help them understand and accept their emotions is at the core of Mindful Powers – an app in final stages of development that works by having kids calm their Flibbertigibbet, a agitated pet-like creature. By smoothing out Flibbertigibbet’s rough edges, kids calm their own emotional states down, and then follow-up by participating in youth-focused meditation practices.

Slowly moving their fingertip over their Flibbertigibbet triggers their body’s rest-and-digest response, helping kids regain focus and release stress. – Jessica Barnes, Creative Director

Click here to learn how mindfulness can have a positive impact on your family, the secret behind the magic of Flibbertigibbet, and to read the full ParentMap article: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Family, Community and Life.


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