Product Envisioning Workshop

The right product for the right consumer

It is critical to focus the vision of your product early in the concept development process and establish a very specific set of business needs your product aims to achieve. A cohesive vision ensures that your efforts are toward the right product for the right consumer-base before going to market. With multiple stakeholders at the table, it can become especially tricky to identify key objectives while maintaining perspective on the needs of your consumer.

We focus our product envisioning exercises on the distillation of preexisting information and the identification of key roles within a product’s lifecycle. We facilitate a discovery and product delivery process that gets you an informed situation analysis, solution definition, and ultimately, strategic positioning statements. By identifying how your product sits within the overall marketplace, and against competitors, your product’s core strengths are surfaced from a consumer’s vantage point, resulting in a strategic approach to product discovery and a framework for product delivery.

In this insightful workshop, which ideally includes all vested stakeholders, we will:
• Identify critical roles within the project lifecycle, as well as key product management positions.
• Uncover and discuss the unique value and business strategy this product will bring to your company.
• Create informed prioritization and scope, with additional areas of opportunity identified.
• Discover and develop consumer archetypes and map their journeys (if not previously identified).
• Create stakeholder alignment around your unique product’s vision.
• Build the foundation for full product development that will speak directly to creating engagement between your consumers and the end product.

Ready to envision what’s next?