PSFK Feature: Apple TV App Changes the Way You Get Ready for the Day

Our latest weather app for Apple TV, Furcaster, is making the rounds in the news! PSFK, one of the leading editorial, events and advice publications that centers around creative professionals, has featured Furcaster and the cutest forecaster around, Flurry. While there are a million and one weather apps flooding the digital marketplace, PSFK showcases how Furcaster separates itself from the fray. Beyond being one of the first weather-focused apps for the all new Apple TV, Furcaster aims to be both be an educational tool to help kids learn about the weather, as well as serve as an ambient background that provides weather-related tranquility right to your living room.

It’s not that getting the weather report in real-time is anything new. Virtually every weather app you can download today has that capability. But a focus on children’s education about this environment, and the app’s native tvOS development, set Furcaster apart.

Click here to read the full PSFK article. Interested in learning more about Furcaster? Check out the cutest way to get the weather here.

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