Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Source Materials

Most smart phone users download 0 apps/month
80% of apps are uninstalled within 1 week
20% increase in mobile sales & revenue
  • 20% increase – Mobify conservative estimate based on reported successes in market (conversion rate and average order value)
  • 300% increase – Best Western River North (likely also due to improved experience not just PWA capabilities)
  • 16% year over year – Lancome
  • 9% increase per visit West Elm
8% increase in recovered shopping carts
  • 8% increase – Lancome increase in conversion rates on recovered carts via Push Notifications
  • 900% increase – Jumia 9x more conversion on previously abandoned carts (likely also due to improved user experience)
50% increase in customer engagement
33% decrease in development and maintenance
  • Assumption based on capabilities analysis.
  • PWA currently can replace many Android Apps.
  • PWA in near future is expected to be able to replace many IOS Apps, and currently has enough capabilities to powerfully improve mobile.
  • Assumes elimination of 1 of 3 platforms (Eliminate Android, keeping IOS app and mobile web.)
  • Development and maintenance savings may be greater than 33% if PWA can serve all mobile web needs, eliminating need for new or existing apps.
  • Development and maintenance savings may be less than 33% if all platforms are maintained.
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