Did You Survive Mobilegeddon? Why You Need To Pay Attention To The Change in Google’s Algorithm

They say life isn’t a competition, but when it comes to business it absolutely is. Where you rank in online search, and particularly where you rank versus your competition, can mean the difference between having a killer year and managing to keep the lights on. With Google shouldering 90% of global organic search, how your online presence performs against the criteria they set truly matters. And what affects  this? It’s everything from a continual flow of fresh content to your site, strategic use of keywords, domain history, etc. and now, with the release of Google’s latest algorithm change focused on mobile responsive web design, a responsive or mobile-specific website.

How do you know if you have a mobile-friendly website, as Google defines it? Chances are if you don’t know, you might be falling behind. According to Forrester, only 38% of websites are mobile optimized. Responsive websites are those that are mobile friendly by directly responding to their viewing environment – whether it be a smart phone, tablet or desktop. Essentially, a proper responsive design will adapt to the device, the user and the environment in which it’s viewed in. A mobile-specific website is a separate web experience specifically for the mobile browser. There are pros and cons to each, but the important part now is making sure you have one or the other.

So why does all this matter? It matters because consumers seek ease and immediate gratification. The average consumer will spend approximately 15 seconds in search looking for a product or brand. If your site isn’t responsive, your Google ranking will drop and it will become increasingly difficult for customers to find you. However, the solution is simple…you need a responsive website or mobile-specific website that not only satisfies the Google algorithm machine, but is highly engaging to keep customers enthralled once they find you. We were recently named one of the Top Web Designers & Developers in the Pacific Northwest, based on our ability to create highly engaging sites that satisfy both business and consumer needs. If you’re part of the 62% that has been left behind, give us a shout! Our team of strategists, designers and developers will help you create an actively engaging, mobile-friendly website, that will let you win the battle of Mobilegeddon.

Curious where your site falls? You can test if you’re mobile-friendliness here.

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