Seattle Interactive Conference 2018: Blockchain & The Music Industry

Nick Pollock, professional rock n’ roller and Sr. UX Designer, is taking the stage at the 2018 Seattle Interactive Conference. This year’s conference is taking place from October 17 – 18th, and The Conference Center in downtown Seattle.

Nick, in partnership with Layne Staley, founded Alice N Chains, the precursor to Alice in Chains; formed and fronted My Sister’s Machine; and now performs with The National Guard. He also moonlights as a UX professional for Global 500 clients on their digital transformation efforts. Nick will share his first-hand experiences of being a professional musician and how the advent of blockchain can, and must, revolutionize the music industry. We hope to see you there!


The Presentation.

Blockchain & The Music Industry

Fair, timely, and accurate payments in the music industry are broken. There are no tangible or reliable links between recordings, musical works, and those who create them and/or their rights holders.

Songwriters and musicians get the worst deal because they are at the end of a long, bureaucratic chain of archaic business entities that touch payments (and take a slice) before arriving at the songwriter or musician. Everyone along the way takes some unknown and undocumented sum of the proceeds and this process takes up to 3 or more years before trickling down to the content creators.

The music industry needs to build empathy for its greatest asset, its content creators. As product designers, we must help the music industry do this through a design thinking approach that focuses on the needs of songwriters and musicians along with the rest of the network participants our solutions aim to serve. The music industry needs innovation in how it interoperates to allow for all players to reap the rewards of their efforts, and in a timely manner. To implement technologies like blockchain in the music industry with delightful user experiences, we also need to take a systems design approach to the technical aspects of the problem in partnership with developers.


The Details.
  • Thursday, October 18
  • 1:30 – 2:20pm
  • Level 2 Chelan 5
  • Additional info can be found here
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