Creating Engaging Second Screen Experiences
How often do you ever just watch TV? While television has become a standard in almost every American household for more than 50 years, the old sit-down and watch-a-show routine has evolved. Rarely do people fully engage with what they’re watching without fiddling on their tablet or smartphone. The key to garnering increased viewership and audience loyalty is to lure the home viewer to interact with your program on all screens.
Creating a second screen experience to generate buzz, increase tune-in and keep advertisers investing in your network has become one of the most common approaches. Not all second screen experiences are the same, however, because an audience’s interests vary based on the show they are watching. As a result, we have identified 5 ways to engage an audience through mobile or tablet applications. In each one we focus on a content-first approach, designed to keep your audience engaged. We all know a highly engaged audience equals advertising revenue.
Exactly how do we do this?
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