Smashing Ideas featured in UX Magazine: Let’s Get Physical

Smashing’s Executive Creative Director, Chad Otis, is featured in UX Magazine with his article Let’s Get Physical. In it he explores the marriage between physical objects and digital screens/devices, and what the expanding role of digital UX design looks like in an increasingly connected world.

In an exert from the article, Chad discusses how digital and more traditional-based industries are beginning to merge into something that will transform existing user experiences:

The way we interact with technology is quickly moving from the screens in our pockets into the physical world around us. Smart homes, autonomous cars, cloud-based healthcare, and wearables are just some of the connected products currently dominating this conversation. With a predicted 50 billion connected products in market by 2020, UX designers will need to expand their view and be more collaborative than ever as they take on the many challenges and opportunities that come with this ever-expanding definition of omni-channel.

How precisely will UX designers navigate their expanding role? Click here to explore Chad’s roadmap for modern UX designers. Not to miss!

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