Smashing Ideas – The Greatest Workplace in the Galaxy!

It’s true, we took an intergalactic poll. And the results were astounding…people actually like coming to work here at Smashing Ideas! Want to know why? Glad you asked. Here are our top 10 reasons why we at Smashing Ideas love the daily grind:

1. Work on engaging consumer experiences. Everyone likes to feel like the work they do makes an impact, and it’s even better if the products you’re working on are things that your friends and family can see. Most of the websites, apps and product development we are involved with end-up in the world of consumer consumption. It’s pretty rad. And we’re not gonna lie, we love that the majority of our apps end up on the iTunes’ Top 10 lists after release.

2. Have a voice. Smashing Ideas operates on a culture of consensus and everyone is empowered to voice their ideas. We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere, so we value everyone’s suggestions and thoughts, regardless of career discipline or level in the company.

3. Play with the coolest new technologies. We don’t cling to outdated technology in creating our experiences. Smashing Ideas was at one time the largest Flash shop in the world, but when the world began down the path to mobile, we knew we had to adapt. If you’re the first on the team to discover a great new way of doing things, your voice matters. If it makes sense, we’ll adopt it.

4. Location, Location, Location. Our office is right next to the Pike Place Market. We like to grab some of the freshest food in Seattle, buy flowers, or just take in the people watching.

5. Sharing is caring. What better way to show that you care about the community around you than to pay your employees to volunteer and share their talents? Smashing Ideas employees get two paid volunteer days per year to give to the organization of their choice, from Habitat for Humanity in South America, to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

6. Self-managed PTO. We’re all adults, right? If the kids are sick, or your plumbing exploded, there’s no need for a complicated approval process to get the time out of the office that you need. If we all get our work done, and it doesn’t impact the team, it doesn’t impact our ability to take vacation time for actual vacations. Aloha.

7. Beer Fridays, game nights, and doodle & draw. Just a few of the ways employees here enjoy interacting around work hours. Lots of companies provide happy hours and try to foster employee interaction and engagement, but people here genuinely enjoy hanging out with one another and are encouraged to collaborate on AND off the clock.

8. Flat Org Structure. We may be almost 20 years old, but the President and senior management team are present and available to hear all new ideas, ask questions, or address concerns.

9. Scooterrific! Speaking of our senior management team, you will more than likely find them (and other members of the office as well) speeding down the polished concrete hallway on a Razor scooter. Efficiency and fun go hand-in-hand at Smashing Ideas. Hey, if it gets you from A to B faster…

10. Life-Work Balance. Balance is the key to happy employees and our culture is such that one area of life should not supersede the other. We love our clients and the work we get to do for them, and we love our families. No choice, no competition, an easy harmony between both.

This is just the start of what makes us love who we are and what we do. Want to hear more? Give us a shout or check out our career openings. We’re always on the look-out to grow the fun!

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