Story Mapping Workshop

A roadmap to success.

With digital products increasing in complexity, it is imperative to create a structured process that outlines where your project is and where it needs to go. Story Mapping is a textual visualization of identified consumer tasks, consumer goals, and business goals within your product’s features. With more complex products, the entire team (yours and SI) needs to be on the same page on what a feature is, its function, and its priority within the overall digital product.

Story Mapping builds on prior strategy and research which can include experience mapping, value proposition, consumer stories, creative briefs, and a product’s assumption and vision. Story Mapping creates a roadmap for your product specifically at the development stage… the moment when our technical expertise is ready to build your product.

In our Story Mapping Workshop, which includes members of our collective development teams, we will:
• Develop a backlog and user stories, or identify holes in the product’s backlog.
• Prioritize user stories and features.
• Develop a structured development and release plan.
• Create an effective release plan based on your consumer types and the associated business value.

Ready to plan your product’s future?