Hollywood’s Love/Hate Affair with Tech Companies

The ever-morphing gaze of Hollywood’s “It” factor seems to have landed on the wonderful, yet often weird, world of tech companies. The focus on creative and tech companies is nothing new to the Hollywood system – remember way back to 2010 and that little movie The Social Network? – but where the focus was once on the world where ideation is born, the not-to-subtle shift has transferred to the seemingly absurd, often juvenile-like tendencies of the modern agency.

On the surface it’s easy to see where the youth-heavy industry gets its stereotypes. Google has a median age of 29, Facebook just 28. The stead-fast “old-timers” at IBM and Dell have median ages of 38 and 37 years, respectively. But are Gen X, Y, and Millennials demanding Ping-Pong tables, snack bars, creative chill zones, Legos and post-it notes by the thousands? Does a childlike aesthetic foster true creativity and innovation?

With shows like Silicon Valley and the most recent episode of VEEP, both on HBO®, taking a satirical peek behind the digital curtain, it raises the question – is working at a digital agency really that outrageous and simultaneously, all that it’s cracked up to be??? Yes and no. At Smashing Ideas we’re as guilty as the next. Ping-Pong table? Yep. Pub and snack bar? Absolutely. Employees riding scooters around the office? Have that one going for us too. We have fun, we have perks. No beige walls or cube farms in sight. We believe that work should be social and enjoyable, and that encouraging people to playfully interact and swap ideas heightens innovation. We want people to want to come here, to engage, to create, not count the hours or simply collect their paycheck. Does a bean bag chair really have that affect? Not per say, but it reflects the commitment of creating healthy, comfortable work environments that elevate employee wants and needs to the forefront.

Your office reflects your philosophy and your brand, and the zany tech spaces highlighted onscreen all have something in common, an unconventional approach to the modern office and an example of a free flowing intellectual environment. Don Draper might not thrive here, but the Millennial that finally invents the hoverboard Marty McFly promised us just might.

So, we get it Hollywood. We’re in on it and we’re good with it. Swing by, we just might let you borrow a scooter and take a spin around the office!


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