Top 10 Ways to Create Successful Collaboration

By Heidi Schindler, Strategist

Many of history’s greatest heroes, innovators, and artists had great people to collaborate with. I am talking Einstein, Edison, Frida Kahlo, and even yes, Luke Skywalker. They had a team, they had mentors, they had partners, and they had some pretty radical talent. Essentially, they didn’t become what they were most defined for alone. Inspiration, mentorship and quite possibly most important, collaboration, played crucial roles in the some of the galaxy’s greatest successes. To understand the critical role collaboration plays in a successful endeavor, we take a look at one of the tech industry’s greatest influencers, Luke Skywalker, and the top 10 actions that lead to the success of all team members, not to mention the Rebel Alliance.

blog post1_team collab

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