Top 5 Things To Do With Your Digital Product Data

Data, be it big or small, is a dominant topic in the media today. While it might be relatively new to the mainstream world, it’s a practice that’s been in place to target customers and unearth critical business insights for quite a long time. Trendy or not, it matters. Here’s why:

1.  Connect with customers. Customers are inundated with companies vying for their attention. With specific data on which channels, social networks and products they’re most engaged with you can target your product and its deployment plan around motivations and languages that speak directly to your target audience.

2.  Make product improvements. Who better to tell you what is and isn’t working than your customers. Unearthing pathway patterns, entry and exit points, engagement time, etc. of your digital product will allow for improvements to be made that hit the most acute pain points.

3.  Unearth new opportunities for your product roadmap. Want to be where your competition is not? Product data can pinpoint areas in the marketplace that are currently untapped by your competitors.

4.  Create meaningful updates to improve functionality, relevant content, or alter features based on usage data. Once your product is deployed, updates and improvements are expected. Rather than making generic updates, using product analysis can allow for developers to fix the top issues of your product. Ever check out something as simple as an iTunes’ review? Most likely you’ll see you commonalities amongst complaints. A deeper dive will allow a product team to fix not only the obvious, but adjacent areas of weakness. These might not be the most obvious from a technical perspective, but perhaps the most frustrating from a usability one.

5.  Generate insights about your audience and apply those to your decision making framework. Data analysis is key to developing marketing plans to increase exposure, engagement and loyalty for your product. A shotgun approach that tries to be all things to all consumer types often fails to reach the target audience.

The full cycle of development doesn’t stop when your product hits the market. Data analytics and insights are core practices of our Strategy and UX group. Not only will their insights make your current product a greater success, they will be key for your future endeavors.

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