Vote for Smashing Ideas at SXSW: Creating Consumer Connection From Altered Reality!

SXSW imageVote for Smashing Ideas to speak at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival to uncover what Barbie, David Letterman, L’Oreal and your eye doctor have in common.

What if you could try on dozens of sunglasses & get buy-in from your friends without so much as stepping foot inside a store or touching a physical product? Remember when little kids would make a mess playing dress-up with their mom’s make-up? What if augmented reality replicated & expanded the experience, mess free (even David Letterman bought in). Not only is this all happening, these innovations are redefining the tired paradigm of consumer experience through augmented realities that blend physical with digital.

Brian Burke, CEO of digital agency Smashing Ideas, will discuss how augmented reality platforms & the internet of things are no longer a fad, but a fully realized consumer tool at the early stages of mass rollout. Through current in-market platforms & Smashing Ideas’ in-development prototypes, we will explore how technology, digital engagement& the internet of things are merging to redefine consumer habits, product development & expanded experiences.

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