Welcome, Apple CareKit! Let’s Make Some Meaningful Healthcare Data.

With the introduction of the Apple CareKit, Apple offers a promising new framework for developing healthcare apps that matter. If you’re looking to build a personal health app or connected product, here’s what you need to know.

  • Apple CareKit provides a great platform for communication between patients and doctors, but it’s important to understand the needs and habits of all users involved in order to know how to best leverage information.
  • When it comes to healthcare, you are delving into people’s personal lives and spaces. An understanding of what people are willing to do and not do can make or break how people will use your app.
  • Personal informatics is still a relatively new technology for most users. An understanding of your users’ unique expectations around the outcomes of data tracking will help you to develop a meaningful user experience that immediately resonates with your users.


We here at Smashing are champions of the power of technology to innovate healthcare and have been heavily researching the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. Over the past year, we’ve spoken with hundreds of healthcare professionals and their patients about data tracking. Both patients and healthcare professionals resoundingly agree, data tracking in an of itself is no longer enough. It’s what you can do with that data that matters. Based on our findings, we have developed Four Tips that are essential in creating a meaningful data capturing app that will empower both patients and
their healthcare providers.

CareKit_know your user_v4




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