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Transforming the Employee Experience for the World’s Leading Hospitality Platform

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The Ask
With more than twenty thousand employees spread across 200+ offices worldwide, one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 travel companies found themselves challenged with internal communications. Having amassed multiple acquisitions, they were operating in siloed and fragmented divisions that did little to enhance their desire for a positive and openly communicative culture.
They needed to reimagine the way they approached internal communications, creating an effective and accessible means of communication for all employees across the board.
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To transform company culture, they needed an employee-centric communications strategy built on a shared understanding of values, employee insights, and metrics.
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A mixed-methods research approach was built around employee focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and market research.
Three different employee archetypes.
From this, the team developed distinct employee archetypes, each with their own unique needs, pains, and goals.
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This led to the formulation of the “Future State of Internal Communications Plan,” an accompanying strategic roadmap, best practices for each communication channel’s purpose, and recommendations on when to use each channel based on intent.
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The Actualization

By establishing a recommended, yet flexible, set of tools, methods, and processes that cover the range of communication needs, Smashing was able to lay the groundwork for our client’s in-house team and executives to establish an employee-centric mindset and build a communication-led environment that can scale across their global organization.

Modern employees expect their internal communication tools to be as user-friendly, adaptive, and personalized as the products and services their company’s customer use.

  • User Research
  • Communications Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Integrated Research Design

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