Apple WWDC 2014: Creating Continuity From Smart Technology


Apple’s WWDC conference draws mass media each and every year with new products and software unveiled that promise to transform our world. This year is no expectation. In fact, the news is big, and here at Smashing Ideas we’re more excited than ever with what it means for the future of digital engagement. The buzz of excitement is on many fronts: new tools for developers to work with, easy cross-platform integration and new opportunities to partner with our clients to reimage their product development.

Here we highlight what caught our attention and what it means for you:

1.  App extensions and notification center widgets. Sadly, sometimes creating an engaging app isn’t enough to draw in the customer base you want and need. Nearly 1,000,000 apps vie for your attention. Now, with the addition of app extensions and notification center widgets, we can help expand a brand’s reach, exponentially. Strategic notifications can be created around motivational design methodologies, enticing targeted users to engage with pop-up notifications, fostering increased brand loyalty and engagement. The best part? With the new app extensions your product’s interface can be projected into additional apps without requiring a user to manually seek out your application. It’s targeted marketing, and consequently increases engagement by nudging users towards your primary app.

2.  Healthkit and Homekit. Rapid advancements in product development are taking shape. Products that motivate and support your day-to-day life are in the throes of a digital make-over. Our creation of apps that once remained singular for a specific client can now be integrated into an overall health or home application. There is increased opportunity to help develop the invisible technology that powers your home and monitors your health, and we create it from start to finish.

Have a product that needs to be revolutionized for the modern consumer? We create the technology that fuels product evolution. But that’s only half of the equation. From there we create the corresponding application that sends it to the masses. Full product development, mobile compatibility, and with Apple’s new integration of third party apps and devices, full integration into a seamless lifestyle experience.

3.  Swift and Metal. Time is money. The ability to develop products with lightning speed and agility is more paramount than ever. Speed-to-market can make or break a client’s success. With Swift and Metal, Apple has developed tools for developers to makes apps easier, faster (entire lines of code can be condensed into a single character!) and with greater features. Interested in having your iPhone game have a 3D component? Now we can, and it won’t break the bank or slow your rollout down.

Where does your product fit into the new digital world that is continuing to take shape? Not sure? We partner, plot and plan with you to create digital engagements that stay on the leading edge of technology and engagement. Now, we have even more tools in our toolbox to work with.



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